Project Description

Natural terrarium background for installing on the walls of the terrrarium

Can be expanded as required

Made of natural coconut fibers

Increases the area for reptile movement in the terrarium

Ideal base for plant root system

Background COCO BACK is made of natural coconut fibers. Very decorative object, which will provide animals with a large area for movement and climbing in the terrarium. The background has natural design, is flexibible, easy to install (ideal for side and back walls of the terrarium) and has decorative features. It is ideal for plant attachment (tillandsia, bromelia and orchid) and other mostly climbing plants. The optimum size can be easily adjusted with cutting tools. For larger areas, the background can be stacked side by side without visible transitions.

Catalog number:

007-54001 – 30x30cm

007-54003 – 50x50cm

007-54007 – 100x50cm