Project Description

Repti Planet Terrarium is designated as a terrarium tank for different species of animals, corresponding to their size of the given type of terrarium.
It is suitable for reptiles, amphibians, snakes, invertebrates, small mammals and other animal species.

For sufficient ventilation, the upper part of the terrarium is equipped with a metallic mesh that prevents escaping of animals and feed insects. Whenever you open the top of the terrarium, make sure that there is no risk of an animal’s escape from the terrarium. When closing, make sure that the animals, plants, or other decorations are not caught. The lid construction prevents the terrarium from spontaneous opening and for closing the terrarium, make sure that the lid is properly closed (the locking catch clicks automatically when the top cover is fully closed).

Terrariums are equipped with upper and lower plastic frames, which allows stacking of terrariums and placing of heating plates directly on the outside lower glass.
The terrarium can also be used as a paludarium with a water area. It is also possible to use the terrarium as an aquarium tank.

For feeding and handling it is possible to remove the entire top of the terrarium.

Installation of a terrarium
The package includes instructions for building a terrarium. Before installation, read the instructions carefully and check that the packaging is complete and undamaged. Follow the assembly procedure.

Location of the terrarium
Think carefully before choosing the location for a terrarium, because after the installation of all decorative elements, the terrarium should not be moved. Choose a place where the temperature is stable between 20 ° C and 25 ° C. Ideal place with natural light, but not directly by the window or in places where the terrarium could overheat. Also avoid places where there are chemical or other fumes and where cigarette smoke occurs. After choosing a suitable place, you can begin installing the plants and other decorations.

Installation of lighting
Only select lighting products that are recommended for terrariums, ideally Repti Planet products. The power of the light should be compatible with the pet and the tank size. Too high temperature can result in animal death and product degradation.

Catalog number:

007-60170 – RP glass terrarium 30x30x30cm