Project Description

A simple and effective solution for incubating eggs
Memory function
The heating cable ensures optimal heating
Intuitive control and setting of the desired temperature
Easy operation and low energy consumption
Transparent windows for visual inspection of eggs
Height-adjustable temperature sensor
Water container for optimal humidity during incubation

1. External dimensions: 50x41x21cm
2. Internal dimensions: 47x37x14cm
3. Input voltage: AC220-240V 50/60 Hz
4. Rated power: 40 W
5. Temperature range: 20-40 ° C
6. Temperature display range: 0-50 ° C
7. Temperature accuracy: 0.1 ° C
8. Memory function
9. The LED screen shows the current temperature.
10. Product working environment temperature : up to 26 ° C



Catalog number:

007-52220  –   RP Incubator