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REPTI PLANET — Enter the world of terrarium for everyone. With the REPTI PLANET brand, it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced terrarium breeder or a beginner. Everybody can have a piece of nature at home thanks to quality products at affordable prices. It doesn’t matter whether you breed or want to breed snakes, geckos, frogs, lizards, turtles or invertebrates. We create our products with an emphasis on quality and efficiency of use. The brand was created thanks to many years of experience with reptile breeding and we cooperated with leading herpetologists.

We offer a wide range of heating, wide-spectrum and UVB lamps and fluorescent lamps. We offer terrariums in three variants. Classical terrariums of high quality materials, all-glass terrariums, suitable eg for frogs and fish Betta splendents and last but not least, composable terrariums that stand out for their unique and solid design, customization options and ideal packaging for storage and transport. Other products include lamps, heating plates, decorations, backgrounds and much more.

We try not only to sell quality terrarium products, but also to popularize breeding, herpetology and nature conservation. You can see us at exhibitions, stock exchanges and lectures. We monitor reptiles not only at home, but also on expeditions around the world, so that we can observe animals in their natural habitat, bringing new knowledge to the pet. Our very important mission is to ensure the best possible conditions for breeding terrarium animals in our hobby breeds. It is very important to provide the right information that will lead to your breeding success.

We ourselves are breeders and herpetologists and we want to show the beauty of breeding terrarium animals and the joy that breeding brings. Join us and create a piece of nature at home. Entering the terrarium world with the REPTI PLANET is easy.

REPTI PLANET – Nature in every home.