Project Description

1. Remove all packaging.
2. Connect the connection part (3) to the water tank cover as shown in figure 1.
3. Connect the flexible hose (1) to the connecting part (3), as shown in figure 2.
4. Fit the suction cups on the glass (4) to a flexible hose (1) follow figure 3 and set the appropriate length of the flexible hose.
5. Attach the suction cups on the side or back of the terrarium as shown in figure 4 and place the outlet hole of the flexible hose towards the inside of the terrarium. Reduce bending of the extension tube as much as possible. Its damage may result in a non-functioning flow of generated fog from the fog machine.


Part list:
1. Extension hose
2. Adapter – splitter
3. Connecting part
4. Suction cups


Catalog number: 007-52778