Project Description

Imitates morning mist in desert terrariums and simulates tropical mist in tropical terrariums.

Increases air humidity up 100% depending on the size of the terárium.

With automatic low water protection: if the water is low (< 3cm), the device will automatically shut down. Suitable not only for terrariums, but also for other water containers. Great visual effect. REPTI PLANET replacement membranes can be purchased separately. Caution: Always make sure there is sufficiently high water level in the tank. Ultrasonic fog generation - Instruction Instruction to use: This product generates a cold mist with help of ultrasonic ceramic disk (membrane) at normal temperature, which can increase the moisture in the terrarium (room) and produces negative ions for air freshening. The product can also be used as a decoration - for example, a miniature fountain with an interesting misty effect. Operation specifiations: 1. Place the Fogger into a water container and keep flat ( optimal water level is 20mm to 40mm above the ceramic disk). 2. Connect the power cable of the Fogger to the transformer. Plug the cable from the transformer into an electrical outlet. The fogger begins to generate a water mist. At the same time, the LED will light up. Notes: 1. Don´t manipulate with the Fogger when connected to the power supply, this may damage the device. 2. Don´t run the Fogger for more than 10 hours per day. 3. Don´t touch the ceramic disk (membrane) while the Fogger is in use. 4. Use clean water, dirty water will reduce the time of operation the Fogger. 5. Please disconnected the power supply before moving or maintenance. 6. The ceramic disk (membrane) is consumer goods, the life time is approximately 3000 hours. If you find a reduction in the amount of fog produced, clean the ceramic membrane with a cotton pad (do not use any detergent). If there is even less fog after cleaning, replace the used membrane with a new one. 7. When replacing the ceramic disk (membrane), please refer to the instruction. Pay attention to keep the inside area of the device completely dry and make sure to install ceramic disk (membrane) with correct side (side without black loop) facing up. Parameters of the Fogger Input voltage: A/C 24V Input electric current: 400mA Power: 12W Working temperature: +5°C - +45°C Water rate: >250ml/h
The best depth of the water: 2,5 – 3,5cm above the ceramic

Tool key
Ceramic disk (membrane)
Sealing ring
Ceramic disk cavity
Ceramic disk (front)
Ceramic disk (back)

Catalog number:

007-527700 – RP Fogger