Project Description

Simulates the natural moonlight
Ideal for night observation
Supports natural behavior of reptiles and amphibians
Suitable to combine with daylight heat bulbs

Bulb REPTI PLANET Night Heat simulates the natural moonlight and is an ideal combination with daylight heat bulbs (for example Repti Planet Infrared Heat, Daylight Basking Spot, Daylight Frosted, Daylight Neodymium or Far Infrared Heat).
The intensity of heat radiation is low, which is ideal due to the natural decrease of night temperatures in nature. Light color is achieved through the blue color of the glass.

When selecting a bulb, it is necessary to take into account not only the type of UVB bulb, but also the species of animal to be bred and the distance of the animal from the source of UVB radiation.
Lamps and fluorescent lamps are subject to a normal warranty period. However, it does not apply to the breakage of light fibers, tube breakage and gas leakage which is due to normal use (standard lifetime is about 6 months). Warranty period may vary according to individual states and is subject to local laws and regulations.

Catalog number:

007-41221 – 25W

007-41222 – 50W

007-41223 – 75W