Project Description

Supports natural behavior, activity and metabolism.
Optimized heating technology ensures even distribution of heat and low power consumption.
Easy to install thanks to the self-adhesive layer.

Suitable for terrarium and other animals.
The heating mat is always placed on the outer part of the glass (base of terrarium or side wall).
When placing on the outer glass of the terrarium base, use four rubber pads (the heating mat must not touch flammable materials). The heating mat heats the terrarium glass and thereby increases the temperature of the terrarium substrate.

The heating mat must only be stuck from the outside of the terrarium.
The heating mat must not touch any flammable materials.
The heating area should be less than 1/3 of the terrarium area.
Do not bend or cut.
Do not immerse in liquid.

Catalog number:

007-23103 – RP Superior Heat Mat 5W 14x15cm