Project Description

The ceramic disk (membrane) is consumer goods, the life time is approximately 3000 hours. The membrane must to be changed once the mist effect begins to slow down. Its lifespan depends on a number of factors including water purity, operating time, water hardness etc.

Exchanging the membrane
1. Disconnect electric cable from the socket.
2. Remove sediment and limescale from Fogger. It is possible to use the water and vinegar solution (dip the Fogger for 30 minutes in the solution). After this dry the Fogger thoroughly.
3. Using the key (A) turn the round nut (B) anticlockwise.
4. Dismantle brass washer (C) and membrane (D). Leave the rubber washer (E) in the place.
5. Clean off chemical or mineral sediments from the round nut (B) and brass washer (C) with a soft cloth and fit on a new membrane (D). Black rings should point down. Inner space of the cavity has to be fully dry before installation of the new membrane.
6. Place the Fogger into a water container and keep flat and pour clean water into the container until the water level is 20mm to 40mm above the ceramic disk.
7. Connect the power cable of the Fogger to the transformer. Pluq the transformer into A/C power socket. The Fogger will start producing mist and water spray. At the same time, the LED lights begin to light.

Catalog number:

007-52771 – RP replacement membrane and key for fogger