Project Description

Adjustable 3-Stage Fogging

Easy-to-read LED Display

Automatic Low-Level Water Protection

Built-In Digital Timer

Easy to fill; easy to clean

Compatible with Humidity Controller

Unique flexible and adjustable hose design


The Fogger with Digital Timer is a digital product, specially designed for the humidifying of reptile habitats. It controls the frequency, time and amount of fog during a certain period of time to provide a suitable humid environment for reptiles that are being kept in terrariums.



1. Main motor: 1 pc

2 .Water tank: 1 pc

3. Lid: 1 pc

4. Flexible tube: 1 pc

5. Suction cups: 2 pcs

6. Instruction manual: 1 pc


This product uses an intermittent timer for repeated periodic humidification; it may also be used with the humidity controller, if constant humidity is required.


The canister is designed with a water-supplying feature to facilitate water supply and dirt removal, which can prevent the growth of bacteria.


The open lid design allows the water to directly enter the canister while the lid is closed.


The 4L large-capacity translucent canister can always guarantee a long-term continuous humidification provided there is enough water in the canister.


The control panel incorporates electronic touch technology by using sensitive keys and thus resulting in a fast response.


The display incorporates LED technology, ensuring low power consumption and a long service life.


The product is ultra-quiet. The amount of fog can be adjusted in three stages, and the power will be automatically cut off in case of water shortage, thus making the product very safe and reliable.


The fan uses a quick-release feature for easy access, maintenance and service.


The air inlet uses a highly permeable activated carbon filter sponge to effectively improve the air quality.


Press and hold the Mist button to enter the Sleep mode, and press any button to exit the mode. The operation is simple and user-friendly.



  1. Product dimensions: 200 x 162 x 277mm
  2. Input voltage: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
  3. Power: Max.25W
  4. Mist output: Max.300ml/h
  5. CT control range: 0~4 hours
  6. WT control range: 2~120 minutes
  7. Noise: ≤35 decibel


Catalog number:

007-52776  –  RP Digital fogger with timer